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Custom Faja Alterations: Perfect Fit for Optimal Compression

Custom Faja Alterations: Perfect Fit for Optimal Compression


Our skilled team specialises in providing expert Faja alterations to ensure the ideal fit for your unique needs. Whether your Faja has become too loose as the swelling subsides or if you require a customized waist to accommodate a larger buttocks size, we have the expertise to make the necessary adjustments. Trust us to tailor your Faja to perfection, ensuring the right compression for optimal results.


If you are purchasing your Faja from us and it requires alterations, we offer this convenient option. (Please note that if you require next day delivery for your custom-tailored Faja within the UK, ensure that you place your order before 12 pm Monday to Friday to qualify for next day delivery. For international shipping, please allow 5 to 10 working days for delivery.)


Additionally, if you already have your Faja and it needs to be customised, please follow these steps:


1. Once you receive your order number, send your package to the following address:

Medellin Moda

7 Ash Avenue

Elephant and Castle


SE17 1FR


Please ensure that your name and order number are clearly visible on the package, as it helps us locate your order in our system and expedite the customisation process.


2. Once we receive your Faja, we will notify you via text message or email to confirm the receipt and provide you with an estimated completion time.


Alteration Details:

- Faja alterations are processed in the order they are received.

- Standard turnaround time for alterations is 3 business days from the day your package arrives.


Return Shipment:

- Upon completion of the alterations, you will receive an email or SMS confirmation with your return tracking number.

- Automated tracking notifications will keep you updated on the progress of your shipment."


Please note that the provided address and turnaround time are just for example purposes. Please replace them with your accurate information.


Thank you for choosing Waistraineruk, where we strive to provide excellent service and top-quality compression garments for all your needs.


    By placing an alterations order, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:


    1. There are no refunds available for the alterations service.

    2. The results of the alterations may vary depending on the accuracy of the measurements and the photos/videos you provide.

    3. WaistrainerUK may not be able to salvage a previously altered faja, and additional alterations may not achieve your desired outcome.

    4. WaistrainerUK is not responsible for any shipping delay or losses caused caused by the shipping carrier.

    5. Wearing an altered, restrictive compression garment may result in physical pain, discomfort, or injury, and WaistrainerUK is not liable for any such issues.

    6. You agree to release WaistrainerUK from any liability arising from wearing an altered, restrictive compression garment modified by WaistrainerUK.

    7. You are responsible for the shipping cost of your order. Once we receive your order and complete the alterations, WaistrainerUK will return your garment using the shipping method chosen during checkout. Please note that if the initial shipping amount paid is insufficient to cover the return shipping, WaistrainerUK reserves the right to charge additional fees

    .8. You grant permission to WaistrainerUK to contact you via SMS text message regarding your faja alterations order.



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